Need may bring someone in - our love, Understanding & concern makes the impact

We genuinely care about you, your child, and what is going on in your life. No matter how much money someone does or doesn't make, your baby still needs diapers.

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It's not just about the diapers we provide...

Our Mission to Support You

Covered With Love strives daily to provide families in need or crisis with diapers, disposable training pants, wipes and baby hygiene products … but it’s so much more than that.

The realization of a desparate gap in our community

Angie's Story

How can I help

The desire to provide clean diapers and a love of babies created the motivation and passion to begin a quest to assist others that continues to this very day.

This is not the story about “Us”; instead, this is how a need was recognized and how that realization evolved into an organization that you can count on to help you and your child especially during times of need.

Working with homeless families and eventually transitioning to working with single moms, dads, and families; there were similarities that everyone was experiencing – a constant search for diapers, wipes, and baby hygiene products. Finding a consistent source was always a challenge. It had to be frustrating for people in desparate need.

When diapers were found, there were usually only 5-6 available at a time, which in most cases is not even equal to one day’s supply. The cycle continued, as did the anxiety when the next day would create new needs. If you feel these pressures and anxieties, it is completely understandable and there is an organization that can help you.

 It was during this cycle of daily need for baby supplies, the pressures and anxieties that parents experienced, and witnessing this cycle continue for years on end when the realization occurred in what a desparate gap there was, and continues to be, within our community. Direction from the Lord and this obvious lack within the confines of child poverty are what lead to the start of the Covered With Love organization.

This desire to provide clean diapers and a love of babies created the motivation and passion to begin a quest to assist others. It is vital to a baby’s health and well-being to have proper hygiene. If you need diapars, wipes, or hygiene items for your baby or toddler, the Covered With Love organization is here to give you free items to help you until adequate resources are found.

Continued support & focus  for babies in need

Ongoing support

Our prayer is to help if you are in need. It's not only about the diapers provided for your baby, it's about the relationships that are being built with your family. We care about you, your children, and what is going on in your life.

  • Mission

    Provide diapers and baby hygiene products for newborns, infants, and toddlers in our community.

  • Vision

    Cover every baby in need with the necessary items to keep them clean, dry, and healthy and develop educational programs to help parents in the future.

  • Positive Outcomes

    Counter negative outcomes children face including problems with behavior, cognitive ability, language development, school adjustment, and overall well-being.

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    Years Caring for Babies

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    Children Served

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    Diapers Provided

You are supported by an organization of Hard working team members

our dedicated team

It takes caring people with a willingness to help others that can make a positive change for babies and families like yours in our community. It doesn’t matter if someone is “paying it forward” or “giving back“, our prayer is to help those in need.

Providing support to you and your baby is part of the mission and vision of the Covered With Love Diaper Bank. We greatly appreciate the hard working team members that volunteer to support you.

    Jodi Tovey - Advisory Board Member

    jodi tovey

    Carlen Geary - Board Member

    Brad Geary - Board Member

    Emilee Butterfield - Board Member

    emilee butterfield

    Chris Francis - President

    chris francis

    Evan Lunceford - Grant Specialist

    evan lunceford

    Bobby Butterfield - Board Member

    bobby butterfield

    Kloe Crouch - Advisory Board Member

    aloe crouch

    Angie Francis - Founder

    angie francis

    Baley Halberstadt - Public Relations

    baley halberdstadt

    Cindy Adams - Vice President

    cindy adams

    Chris Littlejohn - Treasurer

    chris littlejohn

    Sandy Murphy - Secretary

    sandra murphy

    Carol Glass - Board Member

    carol glass

Partners that we work with

Community partners are key

Everyone needs someone they can count on. That's why we are so pleased to be working with the following community parters that help support our cause through financial, moral, and even distribution support which is then turned around to help you.

Receiving diapers may not change a life but love & kindess always will

Annual Report

Covered With Love, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit diaper bank serving the Wabash Valley in Indiana and Illinois. Our mission and our prayer is to help you and your child. It's not just about the diapers that are provided, it's about the relationships we are building with your family. We genuinely care about you, your child, and what's going on in your lives.

We encourage you to download our annual report to understand how the organization is designed to support you now and in the future.

Download Annual Report
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