We are the Wabash Valley's Only Nonprofit Diaper Bank

Covered With Love is standing in the gap of child poverty by providing diapers, disposable training pants, wipes, and baby hygiene products to families in need or in crisis.

Our Story

Angie Francis, Founder

Our Prayer:

If You Feel Led To Assist, Your Donation Would Be A True Blessing To A Parent In Need.

Covered With Love was started in the fall of 2015. I worked with homeless families for four years prior to starting Covered With Love. While working with single moms, dads, and families, there was a constant search for diapers, wipes, and baby hygiene products. Finding a consistent source was always a challenge. If it was frustrating for me, I knew it had to be frustrating for those in desperate need.

When I was able to find diapers, there were usually only 5-6 available at a time, which in most cases is not equivalent for a one day supply. The cycle continued, as did the anxiety, when the next day would create a new need.

It is while I was caught up in the cycle, that I began to realize what a desperate gap there was within our community. Direction from the Lord and this obvious lack within the confines of child poverty are what let me to start Covered With Love. This desire to provide clean diapers and my love of babies created the motivation and passion for me to carry on this quest to assist others.

It is vital to a baby’s health and well-being to have proper hygiene. Our organization gives diapers to parents, to help them get by until adequate resources are found.

Our Impact

Our prayer is to help those in need. It’s not just about diapers we provide, it’s about the relationships we are building with families. We genuinely care about them, their children, and what is going on in their lives.


Provide diapers and other baby hygiene products for newborns, infants, and toddlers in and around our community to families in need or crisis.


Cover every baby in need with the necessary items to keep them clean, dry, and healthy and develop educational programs to help parents in the future.

Positive Outcomes

We are countering the negative outcomes children face including problems with behavior, cognitive ability, language development, school adjustment, and overall well-being.

Willingness To Help

Over 100,000 diapers have been provided to families since 2015. If you are in need of diaper assistance in our primary service counties or beyond, please contact us. Our willingness to help knows no bounds.

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Our Board

Our Board and Advisors help promote the mission and vision of the Covered With Love diaper bank. Without these volunteers, we would not be able to reach our goals and help families in crisis in our community.

Angie Francis

Angie Francis

Covered With Love
Diaper Bank

Covered With Love, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit diaper bank serving the Wabash Valley and  beyond.

We are standing in the gap of child poverty. Our prayer is to help you.

It’s not just about the diapers we provide, it’s about the relationships we are building with families.

We genuinely care about them, their children, and what is going on in their lives.

Our Partners

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Our Stories

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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She came in tears. As a nurse and the main provider for her family, she was unsure of what she was going to do. Faced with a temporary lapse in income due to a high-risk pregnancy and the denial of short term disability, she was at a loss. She made a decent paycheck and had always been able to support her family. Despite her best efforts, she needed help. Specifically, she needed the help that Covered With Love could provide.
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"Wonderful organization!! Angie is a terrific woman!"
"Mary"Office Worker
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She was going through a difficult divorce. While no one may have known it from her cheerful demeanor upon entering the office, a cloud of despair replaced her smile while discussing what brought her to Covered With Love that day. She shared that she was divorcing her abusive husband, whose offensive acts were taken out on their less than 2 year old daughter. She was distraught and laden with burdens. Covered With Love was able to alleviate some of her burdens by providing her daughter with the necessary items needed to get them through the month, as well as prayer for her situation and a listening ear.
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"They are wonderful. Angela is so nice. The diapers I got help a lot."
"Jim"Federal Government Employee
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A concerned father and federal government employee affected by a government shutdown came to Covered With Love seeking help and sharing how humbled he was due to the shutdown. Bringing up struggles from his childhood, he shared the trials his mother faced when he was a child...a hardworking mother who had to learn how to survive on a menial income and provide. His current situation brought emotions he hadn't felt in a long time in thinking about all the sacrifices she made. Even with her own struggles, he remembered his mother volunteering what little free time she had, at a soup kitchen, providing a tangible answer and remedy to those in need or crisis around her. He said, "it made me realize how quickly things beyond our control can change and put us in a state of need." He went on to say, many of his co-workers, mostly men and ex-military, are to prideful to seek help, but that he would not allow anything to stop him from making sure his 3 children and wife's needs were met, including the one on the way. Upon sharing our resources, he was astonished at the impact being made not only in trying to help other federal employees like himself, but of all the other stories, many like his own childhood.
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"***** for sure! Times have gotten a bit rough here recently, we looked everywhere and got recommended to Covered With Love. Angie was so welcoming and just meeting her you can tell how much she cares. We are very thankful for the organization."
"Debbie"Affected By Unexpected Circumstances
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Death affects everyone differently. For her, the string of loss she suffered brought her to Covered With Love. Last fall her sister passed away, and while struggling to handle the impact this had on her, yet another family member left this earth. More recently still, this distraught woman took in her daughter and grandson, after her son-in-law committed suicide, leaving his son to find him and his family without. Her daughter is hurting, her grandson is inconsolable. While processing the loss her family had been struck by, with no life insurance to pay for a very unexpected funeral, and no means by which to provide for themselves, she is now feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders. "Although Covered With Love staff couldn't take away my pain from the loss of family members, they were very comforting and understanding of what my family and I are going through." Apart from the diapers being so helpful during this time, just talking to Angie and sharing what was going on in my life made me feel a little better, knowing I could get through the day a little easier. Covered With Love is a blessing in more ways than one.
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"Angie was very sweet and caring. I would recommend this to any and every one who needs help."
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"Covered with Love has been such a blessing for my family in the last couple of months- A God send. I am so grateful for the help we have received. Angie is an amazing lady, and I'm so glad to have met her and see the difference she's making in this community."
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"Love this place had 3 nieces placed with us through DCS at the last minute and they helped us out with pull-ups."